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Business-to-Business Ventures Prospering Online

Nearly half of the business-to-business online e-commerce sites surveyed by ActivMedia that have been online for three years are currently profitable, according to a report.

ActivMedia's report "Real Numbers Behind the Online B-to-B Industry" found that 42 percent of business-to-business e-commerce sites that have been online for three years and 27 percent of the sites that have been online for less than one year are read more>>

Pros And Cons Of Buying On Ebay

In today's fast changing world of e-commerce like E-bay, people find shopping online the most convenient way of purchasing items. The fact that a person doesn't even have to drive to and from the store is exhilarating enough.

To date, E-bay is the most celebrated and the most world-renowned online mall today. read more>>

Top 5 Emerging Real Estate Markets for 2006

Successful real estate investors are well aware that one of the fundamental keys to building a successful property portfolio is the careful timing of market entry; therefore investors always seek to buy ahead of an emerging trend and often take a national or international perspective when looking for the next big thing in terms of real estate.

In 2006 there are five countries that stand head and read more>>

When Selling On E-bay Matters

With the comfort credit cards offer by filling up application forms without having to go personally to a bank or see a sales agent, online shopping had tremendously escalated to greater heights.

Here, there, and everywhere, people seemed to be charging everything they see online. Because of this a lot of e-commerce enthusiasts these days have ventured into a more lucrative way of earning money.

read more>>

Ten Basic Steps For Building A Web Site That Works

"1. Assemble a web site development plan that is integrated with your overall marketing processes; the content should be consistent with offline materials, the graphics/images don't have to be identical with traditional media, but should be consistent with your overall branding, style guide, usage of colors etc.

2. Hire a web site design firm that understands your market position and one that won't get ""geek crazy"" -read more>>

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