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When Selling On E-bay Matters

With the comfort credit cards offer by filling up application forms without having to go personally to a bank or see a sales agent, online shopping had tremendously escalated to greater heights.

Here, there, and everywhere, people seemed to be charging everything they see online. Because of this a lot of e-commerce enthusiasts these days have ventured into a more lucrative way of earning money.

For many surfers, E-bay is one of the world's easiest and money-spinning online shopping portals. But despite the convenience it offers to most online shoppers, it has its own set of pros and cons as far as its sellers are concerned.

The big question is: Is selling items in E-bay advantageous or not? Here are some things to ponder:


1. Selling items on E-bay is a great way to start a small business.

For business wannabes who are low on cash, an E-bay is a good way to start things right.

2. It's the best way to earn money while discarding some "trash".

3. Sellers get to expose their items 24 hours, 7 days a week.

4. Items being sold on E-bay have a wider market reach.

5. Selling items on E-bay is also a good way to complement an existing venture.

6. No hard selling. Selling is made easy through E-bay.

7. Selling items had never been this fun. It only happens on E-bay.


1. Payments can be risky especially if it concerns an international market.

2. Frauds and scammers are just around the corner. The seller might be the next victim on-the-waiting.

3. The buyers are unidentified or most are new buyers, thus, increasing more risk. Besides, it's easy to create false identities over the Internet.

4. There are possibilities of unscrupulous mode of payment like use of a cashier's check.

5. Feedbacks are provided. There may be instances wherein people might play with the seller's feedback section. This will definitely ruin the seller's reputation.

6. The seller is gradually becoming a part of a corporation that seems to be monopolizing the industry. If this were case, then everybody would do transactions on e-bay alone, giving the other businesses a no-chance fight.

7. The seller will be missing life's real drama, witnessing other people's reactions and talking to them face-to-face.

Whether selling on E-bay is good or bad, only one thing's for sure: it's definitely more money to those who benefit from it.

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