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Take Your Favorite DVD Films Anywhere With Your Ipod And Zune

If you want to copy a DVD to your iPod, you will need special software, which will perform the conversion for you. Most such programs perform the conversion in two steps � first they download the DVD to your computer and then they upload it to your iPod via iTunes. Alternatively, you can buy a DVD to iPod conversion utility and thus make your life a bit easier. When you are looking for a one-step converter, the most important things to bear in mind are the conversion speed and the quality of the video and audio.

If you are a newbie, you may also want to get a converter, which is easier to use, so in this case the one-step converter might not be your best choice because it is more complicated than the two-step converters. If you want to copy your DVDs to Zune, the choice of available programs is really big. Besides, converting DVDs to Zune is pretty straightforward and all you need to do is to follow the step-by-step instructions. But the fact that there are many programs to choose from is hardly comforting when you have no idea about the criteria for choosing such a program. Probably the first thing you should do is make a list of your requirements.

After that, use Google to find a couple of high-quality programs, which can copy an entire DVD to Zune. If you are lucky, you will quickly find sites with comparisons of the various converter programs. Such comparisons are very useful because they compare several programs feature by feature and you can quickly see which program is best for you. If you are new to computers, the one-step converters from DVD to iPod are not the best thing to start with. These one-step converters usually have a lot of files and folders, which is pretty confusing even for more experienced users. This is a good reason to start with an easier converter, so that you can convert your DVD movies without worries.

Also, iTunes must be already on your computer because this way you will transfer the DVD to the iPod with less effort. After you have downloaded the DVD, add them to your library and choose which items you want to transfer. Some DVD to iPod conversion programs offer extra features, such as the ability to drag and drop subtitles or to select audio tracks.

Other programs are so simplified, that the whole process of DVD to iPod conversion requires just a few mouse clicks. You can copy your favorite DVD to iPod and watch it wherever and whenever you like. And all this can be done even by a novice! To copy DVD to ipod you are provided with various video crop mode methods and different ipod sizes are also supported. The programs are also supported by customer support and if you own an ipod you can easily try this method.

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