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Modify With Times And Understand To Convert Your VHS To DVD

A year or two ago when I decided to clean up my attic, I found a whole of unwanted stuff that was occupying a lot of space. When I decided to clean this mess up I found a couple of old home video tape (VHS) there. These were tapes of many special moments that I had captured few years ago. The sight of the VHS tapes made me jump with joy and gave me a feeling of nostalgia. You can start making copies of your most favorite DVDs and watch it for generations to come.

But unfortunately it is not as easy to make copies of VHS tapes to DVD Discs; nevertheless, it doesn�t mean that it cannot be done at all. Video editing is a power hungry task. Just having a computer is not enough you will need to have a good amount of disk space along with good amount of computer memory for this. Computer speed is vital or else it will take you days to complete copying all your VHS tapes to DVD.

To overcome this challenge and copy encrypted VHS to DVD we will need a translator not only to take out the encryption but also to change the language from analog (VHS) to digital (DVD). But the process is well worth the effort once you are able to copy your encrypted VHS to DVD and you know you have safeguarded your personal memories for life. You can buy this decrypting and translator gadget that will help you copy encrypted VHS to DVD from your nearest electronic store or search and order online. Once you get your hands on this decrypting or translator gadget, you can hook the gadget to the front of your VHS player like any other gadget or device and the other side to a similar outlet on your computer. The computer will need to have a video capture card so that it can convert the analog video signals to a digital format. Captures and converts the video to enable you to write a DVD.

An hour of a video in the DVD format will take up at least 1.5 GB space and lowest setting would take about 400MB space. Then you can start copying the VHS tapes to the DVD and watch all the memories get transformed into new and improved images. This software will be needed to edit the video and burn the video to final format such as DVD.

This is normally the highest-ranking software in all areas.

Isaiah Henry is an expert on dvd software such as dvd ripper and dvd copy. Copy DVDs at www.dvdshrinknow.com with programs. Post comments on our dvd blog.

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