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Looking for Creative Gift Ideas for Staff

Gone are the days when employee incentives are confined to department store gift vouchers and cash bonuses. In order for companies to attract and attain the best staff companies are now becoming more and more creative in how they reward and incentivise their staff. Now human resource departments are presented with a wide range of options when making decisions on innovative incentives. In fact, their bestselling options include dive holidays, trial instruction flight lessons, pamper-me packages as well as a helicopter twilight dinner. Indeed, these incentives will truly work their way to thrill employees and provide them with the rewards that they truly deserve! The great thing about giving activities as a way reward staff is that it gives them an opportunity to experience something that they may not ordinarily do or buy. If you are thinking that these activities may be too costly or are only single-person experiences, think again! Many of these activities can start from as low as a $50, and they are just as fancy as higher priced incentives.

Some examples of these would include body massages, coffee training courses or even rollerblading classes, all of which are relaxing and fun! Alternatively, innovative activities for groups are also a great and fun way to build strong work relationships and foster greater team work amongst staff. After all you tend to spend a third of your day stuck in an office together, why not do something fun outside of office hours and have something exciting to talk about together. This naturally creates are much more harmonious workplace that is more conducive to greater productivity which is great for staff and the company concerned.

For teambuilding, relaxing as well as some healthy intra-organization competition, activities such as corporate well-being programs, flying trapeze or go-kart mini grand prix, all of which will do nicely to help boost employee morale. Extreme or high adrenalin sports are also very popular will would make great and attractive packages for the younger staff. Amongst these are shark dives, abseiling, AUSCAR driving courses, acrobatic air-show display flights and even jet-fighter flights.

All of these are just great ideas and will definitely work their magic in encouraging employees to attain their goals. At the end of the day staff want to know that they are not missing out on the finer things in life and feel as though their workplace is contributing to their work life balance. After all isn't life all about the experiences we do and share together. Why not make your workplace a place where experiences are shared.

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