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Jack and the eBay Beanstalk

Do you remember the story you were told as a child about Jack and the Beanstalk? In the story Jack trades the family cow for a few magic beans. Eventually the beans get planted and they grow into a huge beanstalk. http://moremoneyeverywhere.com/index.

htm Starting to sell on eBay can be compared to planting a few magic seeds and watching it grow into a mighty beanstalk. Remember that seeds are tiny little things. Your eBay business is not going to come as a full grown beanstalk. It is going to start out with just a few seeds and you are going to have to spend some time and effort nurturing it to get it to grow. Sorry.

the seeds arent magic like Jacks were. These are just ordinary seeds but they have a lot of potential. When you first begin selling on eBay, it is best to narrow your market down to a very specific thing. For example: if you are interested in selling jewelry on eBay, then start out just selling rings. Build up your customer base by selling quality rings at a reasonable price and making your customers happy. Stay in touch with your customers.

Cultivate a long-term relationship with each of them. As your business grows, add bracelets to your line. People who bought rings will likely also buy bracelets but there will be new customers who were just looking for a bracelet and might want rings as well.

http://moremoneyeverywhere.com/index.htm After you have established an even larger clientele, add necklaces to your line.

The people who have bought rings and bracelets may well be interested in your necklaces now and there will be new customers who are just looking for necklaces to begin with. This is the way to grow your eBay beanstalk. You do it slowly but steadily over time and with patience and persistence.

Thank you, http://moremoneyeverywhere.com/index.htm.

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