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Investor rush from America to Dubai

Article Body : Finally, we have made something right, for the Americans only money talk and stupidity walks away. The American investors are floating to Dubai since the real estate market is crashing there. A home who valued 1, 000,000 USD today values 450,000 USD. Americans have decided to rush to find new investment opportunity in the United Arab Emirates where the real estate continues to grow.

We all know that the first wave of American investors which came to Dubai is still small but the tsunami will rush over here to invest if the market continues to struggle in America. Since the population of the US is reaching 400 million people even if only the smart ones come, it will be an excellent opportunity for developers and real estate brokers in the Emirates of Dubai. Freehold property laws will assure them ownership of investment. The speculations were also at his highest levels in Abu Dhabi where many corporate are planning to have space in the hub of the petrol dollars. This new window of opportunity in the Middle East will be even better after the departure of Mister Bush since no knows how the new candidate will apply its political vision. We noticed also a big flow of job application from American sales, engineers, etc which desire to obtain a job with tax free opportunity in Dubai.

Americans now have also a new dream go to a country in the edge of expansion where they can make good earning. They know that multinational companies prefer expatriate job seekers which are single and ready to discover a new area. Multinational company are waiting them office space in the business bay the Manhattan of Dubai where sky line high rise will be glamorously looking over the Burj Dubai, the tallest tower of the world. A new era of investor is there in front of our doors.

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