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How Can Success In Network Marketing Be Achieved

Before you can have any success in Network Marketing, you first must define what you really want. There are different definitions of financial freedom. Ask thirty people what a lot of money is and you receive 30 different responses. What you are looking for may not be financial. You measure success by what you want. Okay, what is it? Do you have a plan in place? See, you need a plan.

A road map. Directions. People plan vacation, but not their life. So, you need goals.

Three per cent of the country has committed their life plan to paper. They control ninety seven percent of the net worth. They write them down, not think or dream them because until you do so, that is what they are, thoughts and dreams.

If you want the same things next year, just keep on doing the same things you did last year. Want it to be different? Well, you better put a plan in place for a change. "There are two types of people in this world, those that think they can and those who think they can not. They are both right". Henry Ford Network Marketing allows average people to earn above average incomes.

It allows common people to achieve uncommon results. It is a business of change, a personal change for freedom and for a better lifestyle. So often, the hardest thing are the nos, the rejection. If you got only yess, you would not know how well a yes feels. Reprogram yourself.

Divide your monthly income you plan to earn or are earning in Network Marketing and divide that by how many people you contact a month. Let us say that will be $30.00. The next time you get a no, thank the person for letting you earn $30.00. Watch how people react.

Rejection will no longer bother you. By joining Network Marketing, you are making a commitment to change. Invest on the inside of your head, instead of the outside. Buy motivational books and tapes.

Go to personal growth seminars. People have a problem spending money on them, yet spend huge sums of money on makeovers for the outsides of their heads. Learn to earn more money than you ever did before. Learn to be a better person than you are today. How do you do it? Hang out with people who have done it.

And once you learn it, teach it to others. Most of all listen. People do not care how much you know until they know how much you care. Learn their needs and help them achieve them. The degree of success you will have with Network Marketing will depend on your attitude, your willingness to be teachable and your ability to maintain focus along with your ability to become consistent and persistent. The Power Of Residual Income In your everyday traditional work environment you trade time for money.

The employer in order to retain you generally pays you just enough to survive. That cycle repeats itself weekly, monthly, and yearly. If you do not work, you do not get paid.

In Network Marketing you work hard in the beginning to build your organization and after a while the fruits of you labor begin to pay off. Network Marketing is a whole bunch of people doing a little bit. If you speak to three people a day and teach everyone else to do the same, you have built quite a large organization well, and you do the figuring! Modern Day Trends And Network Marketing Since Network Marketing has no geographical boundaries, you can literally create a worldwide network of people right from your home. Since you have no buildings, no big inventory, no tools or big equipment, all you need to depend on is modern day technologies to help you grow your business. More companies are sponsoring weekly conference calls where you invite your prospects to listen in on a live business presentation.

Need to get information out fast? Printed information can be faxed rather quickly. In fact, some companies even have fax on demand services, where a complete information packet can and will be faxed in a matter of seconds. With the advent of home offices a lot of individuals already own a fax machine, use the one at work, or go to the corner store. Overnight mail? Second day air? No problem. You may want to get that new company video or audiotape out to your key people.

or use your camcorder to tape that great training program. Computers? Wow! They open a whole new avenue. Databases, desktop publishing software, word processors and Email are very efficient ways to get your message out to the public in minutes. What is great about Network Marketing is that the above tools are available to you.

You do not have to use them to be successful. Going next door for a cup of coffee and sharing your products and opportunity still works just fine. An Overview Network Marketing is a business of change. Not only for you, but also for the way products are moved into the marketplace. The people, who see this first, will be the first to prosper.

Like any trend, those who get in early, win. For example, Bill Gates, cofounder of Microsoft, the software developer. He saw software, not hardware, as the route to go in the soon to explode personal computer field. Only starting Microsoft in 1976, today he is the richest man in the world. Franchising was a misunderstood concept in the 1960s.

The masses did not understand it. Today, 600 billion dollars in sales move through franchise outlet, which is almost one third of retail sales. Well known companies, such as Reebok, The limited, Home Depot, and Federal Express all started from ground zero.

While experts were laughing at them, those who were clever enough to invest in them saw returns of many tens of folds. Network Marketing allows the individual the freedom to manage a business in a way he or she chooses. There is no purchase price, no franchise fee, no employees, no leases, and hardly any start up costs.

There is no guarantee, but it sure does have an amazing record! "I Would Rather Earn 1% From The Efforts Of 100 People Then 100% From The Efforts Of Myself." Andrew Carnegie Patience Is A Virtue Network Marketing is a business that most people start doing part time, while continuing their current employment and growing their earnings to a point where they have an option to go full time. Or they remain part time and use that extra income for whatever they desire. It is critical you employ these two methods for your long term success: Network Marketing is a program of long term growth, like a farmer planting seeds. He or she had to prepare the soil, water and feed the seedlings, nurturing them to harvest. Folks, it takes work! This is not some "get Rich Quick" scheme.

Do not let anybody tell you it is. But all you have to do is employ simple and easy methods everyday. Consistency and persistence are two other key ingredients to your success. So often, we see people giving up in the very beginning because the power of multiplication is just taking effect, not realizing the explosion is about to occur. Yet these same people will stay in the same job for years, sometimes earning little or no raises, and if they receive one it probably would be for less than 5%. The end result is that people stay in dead end jobs, just barely making ends meets because they did not have the stamina to stay in and grow their way to freedom! The Snail And Network Marketing Imagine you are standing in the middle of a forest in the dead of winter watching a snail start to climb up a fruit tree.

A rabbit comes hopping over and proceeds to ask the snail what he is doing (you are probably wondering yourself). The snail replies that he is going to get himself some fruit. With that, the rabbit looks up and sees nothing but baron winter branches covered with snow.

As he looks down at the snail he starts to snicker, calling him stupid and informing him of the obvious, there is no fruit up there. With that, the snail replies that when he finishes getting to the top, there will be. What if. President Bush called and informed you that you were picked to go to Fort Knox for five full days, and that you could take all the gold you possibly could. They had an Act of Congress telling you that whatever amount you got, it was yours to keep, Free and Clear. You Would Be Set For Life But, you had to be at Fort Knox 24 hours from now and pay your expenses to get there.

Plus you had to pay up front all your costs to haul your gold away. A Few Questions Would you be there? Could you find the money to do it? Would you sleep much? Would you watch TV? Would you be focused on the project? A Challenge: Join a Network Marketing Company. Let your sponsor be the President of the United States, let your company with it is fine products be Fort Knox, and let the people you know and the people they know be your Gold. Good Luck!.

Joe Rispoli has been involved in Network marketing for over 10 years. Successful Network Marketers know that providing guidance and support to their downline is the key to success. Experienced Network Marketers are able to get others to duplicate their efforts. Visit his website for more information.

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