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It is getting harder to obtain a Personal Loan. There are so many people who have bad credit and are not able to pay all of their debts. Most people will apply for a Personal Loan to consolidate their debt.

The great part of people that do decide to apply for a personal loan is denied, because their credit scores are just not high enough. There are three providers in England that are not issuing unsecured loans any more, Leeds Building Society, GE Money and LV=, which was formally known as Liverpool Victoria. Tim Moss, head of loans and debt for moneysupermarket, said: "GE is one of the world's biggest financial institutions. If anyone can make money out of personal loans they can. It is significant that these three have pulled out.

" If you do have bad credit and by some miracle you are able to be approved for a Personal Loan the interest rate is usually so high that you are still not able to repay the loan. For example if you had a loan for $10,000 at 29% APR you would have to pay $2900 in interest in one year. As you can see this can add up fast. This example was for a small loan, imagine if it was for over $100,000, which in many instances can easily be the case.

There are many reasons why a person would want to receive a bad credit personal loan regardless the interest rate. For some people it could be used in an emergency situation or they would apply for a personal loan to consolidate the debts that have an even higher interest rate then the personal loan is going to have. When using a personal loan to manage your debt this can sometimes be worse then just trying to repair your bad credit by focusing on the debt that you already have and paying it as much has possible even if it means only paying minimum balances.

You may also help your credit by finding out why it is bad. Whether it is because of late payments, insufficient funds, loan payments that you miscalculated on, or even a debt that you were not aware of, late cell phone payments, the list goes on and on. By receiving a credit report on your credit you are able to see what exactly is causing you to have bad credit and then you can take action on starting the repairing process.

One way that you can make the decision whether or not a personal loan is the way to go for your financial decision is to talk to a credit adviser. They can help you look over your credit situation and give you advice on the correct action to take, although some advisers ors do charge a fee for their help. Just to summarize everything that we talked about it is possible to still get a personal loan even if you have bad credit. It will be harder then usual. You will have to do your homework and find a lender that will help you. Again this is your decision on whether a personal loan is going to help your situation or hurt it.

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