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DVD Copy Application DVD Cloner Is A Confident Champion

So, you�ve already decided you want to purchase a DVD ripper. You just don�t know which one you should buy. Here is some information that will help to make the decision easier for you. DVD Cloner 5, an award-winning ripper program, has the most popular of features and then some. In a survey conducted, Cloner 5 was rated �Excellent� in the following categories: Ease of installation, ease of use, copy quality, stability of program and feature set.

The motion picture industry is not too fond of ripper software, to put it mildly. They don�t like the idea that consumers can make as many copies of a movie as they want. DVD ripping is not illegal; however, though the film execs keep working to try to outlaw the programs. You should consider what features are �musts� for you. You don�t want to buy a DVD ripper program and find out it does not have what you want. Not only can that be frustrating, it can also be costly.

Is it important the software is easy to install? Some are easier than others. How about copy quality? You will probably want perfect 1:1 DVD copies, so make sure your software offers it. DVD Cloner 5 allows you to copy your movies with one click; you can�t get much simpler than that.

In addition, this award-winning DVD copier is extremely powerful and completely hassle-free. DVD Cloner 5 has the latest DVD decryption codes, multiple format compression and DVD restoration. You can also back-up newly released HD and Blue-ray discs. DVD Cloner 5 is an award-winning DVD ripper software program. Cloner was rated �top of the class� for easy installation, easy to use, producing great copies, offering a wide variety of features and for stability of the program.

Additionally, DVD Cloner 5 has some features other ripper programs do not. One of the most popular of the unique features Cloner 5 offers is the ability to produce multiple copies at one sitting. This product received 5 stars (the highest rating) in the following categories: ease of installation, ease of use, feature set offered, quality of copies produced and stability of product. No other product ranked as highly in every single category. At a cost of approximately $40.00, DVD Cloner 5 is a great buy.

You can purchase this software online or at your local computer store.

Isaiah Henry is a writer on dvd copy solutions. Visit DVDShrinkNow.com for more information on dvd copy and dvd ripper software. Read some of the basic differences of dvd ripping software.

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