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Developing Your Own Network Marketing Success

It is amazing to me the number of people who start their own network marketing business and never build a downline. They do not even enroll one person. The other thing that amazes me is the number excellent mlm recruiters who can not teach anyone how to do the same things they are.

That really isn't a very fair statement however when you compare it to other businesses or careers. Pro basketball players like Magic Johnson and Jerry West were terrible coaches because they could not understand how to teach their players to be as great as they were. You may know of the top salesman in a company who tried to be a sales manager and was not any good because they couldn't teach what came naturally to them. Some people are better at doing than they are at teaching. Unfortunately that is not going to work in a mlm business. You will never have network marketing success until you learn how to teach at least one leader to duplicate what you are doing.

Once you master this your success will only be limited to your personal effort because you just need to find enough talented people who will follow they system you teach them. As you develop more leaders the personal time you have to spend on your business will diminish accordingly. One important factor here is to recognize the strengths and weaknesses of your distributors. Much like a pro football team. Some players will be better suited to play defense rather then offense.

Some players will be skill position players like running back and wide receiver, while others will be better at linebacker or defensve back. Putting your distributors in a postition that gives them the best chance to succeed is what network marketing success is all about. Some of your downline may be better on the phone. Some may be computer whizes who love internet marketing. Others may be natural networkers who love to talk to people face to face. What is the right way to to this? The right way is to quickly help them find out what they like to do and get them having success right away doing it.

After you master this developing your own leaders will be easy because you just need to teach them to duplicate what you are doing. Putting your downline in a position to be successful with their own network marketing business is what being a leader is all about. The top distributors in a network marketing company have the most leaders in their downline because they developed the teaching skills necessary to help them be successful. In network marketing this is what separates the haves from the have nots and will ultimately determine your own success. Can you become a better teacher and develop your first leader or not!.

Jeff Schuman helps people start their own network marketing business. For free network marketing training check out his website: http://network-marketing.team-schuman.com

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