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Business Expenses Tax Deduction

We all love to be businessmen. And what is the motive of business- profits. Whether we make profits or save money, it is still money saved.

And what better way to do it than give ourselves a break from the tax. Itemized deductions in the form 1040, Schedule A can be claimed if you are an employee in a business. What chiefly constitutes as business under IRS are transportation charges, lodging and food expenses on business trips away from home, local transportation other than commuting to work place, entertainment and gifts. Local commuting doesn't qualify for deductions but certain provisions like if you are going from one workplace to another then you may deduct the expense.

Trips from office to client office qualify for this deduction. If you work from your home then trips from your home office to office of the organization also qualify. You can also deduct the cost of traveling between home and a temporary work location outside the area where you live and work. Business travel expense has a long list of heads and you can refer to Topic 511 for details. Expenses relating to using your car for business trips can be had from topic 510.

air fare, taxi fare, rail fare can also be accommodated up to a certain extent. Topic 512 and 463 cover business expenses and gifts. Better keep track of all these records and they can be noted under section 305. It is important to account for all expenses that you have made from an advance that the employer has sanctioned to meet the business requirement lest this income may become taxable income. Account for all these expenses within the proper time frame.

So better pay your taxes regularly and also be the beneficiary of all that the law can do for you. Money saved is money earned.

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