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Why You Should Read Personal Finance Blogs

Although still not a mainstream phenomenon, Personal Finance Blogs are an increasingly popular additional source of investing and financial planning information. Many people peek in sporadically to see what's generating buzz this week. As the arena gets more and more crowded, it begs the question: "What do the bloggers think of each other?"

Some like the variety. "It's the wide range of perspectives and the timely information that I enjoy most about all the personal finance blogs out there," notes Jeffrey Strain of Personal Finance Advice . "If there is a change in a bank's interest rate or a new financial tool that can be used, it's the personal finance bloggers that usually first have the information on how it can be best used to your advantage."

Others like the inspiration the personal finance blogs provide. "It is inspiring to me to see the success of personal finance bloggers. Personal finance blogging has gone from a handful of blogs to hundreds. Readership has also increased, which is a good thing.", observes JLP of AllThingsFinancial "I think most personal finance bloggers have the goal of educating the general public about personal finance. It's inspiring to see that come to fruition."

Other bloggers agree it's great, maybe even a little too great. "I love reading other money-related blogs", says Jonathan of My Money Blog . "Unfortunately, there are so many now that I can barely keep up. My favorite thing about reading other people's writing is the inspiration it gives me to work that much harder towards my goals. There are bloggers buying rental property, working on side businesses, or simply being frugal in creative ways."

Some just soak it all in. "I currently read almost 150 financial blogs and love every minute of it," says FMF of FreeMoneyFinance . "The bloggers are so open and honest about their financial trials and tribulations, reading the blogs are like viewing mini soap operas. The authors become my 'friends' and I find myself cheering them on, hoping for their success."

If you a bit curious about what others are doing with their money, or simply want to see a different slant to the usual fund-your-retirement mantras, go out and find a personal finance blog that suits your taste. You might just decide to start one yourself, and become part of the growing community.


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